Posted on 28 Apr 2017

Interactive Email Content Blocks


We are EXCITED to share the release of our powerful actionable content blocks available under the Vbout email marketing suite. Now you can add BUY NOW buttons, videos, interactive time countdown and add-to-calendar events inside your email campaigns. This feature eliminates steps from users and allows them to take action directly from their email. For example, the buy now button takes the user directly to Paypal or Stripe to complete the purchase. The Add to calendar block lets the user add an event, that he would create, directly into their preferred calendar.

Note that these blocks can be used inside the one-time email campaigns as well as the emails sent via the customer Journey.

This is only the beginning of many more enhancements and additions coming to our email marketing suite.




Written by
Richard Fallah


is the Director of Marketing atvvvvvvv


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