Salesforce Integration

You can connect one or multiple Salesforce accounts into your dashboard and start creating sync instances for the following objects: Accounts Contacts Leads Opportunities You can access the integration tab from under the Contacts --> ......  Continue Reading

Managing Social Media Groups

You can group social media profiles for an easier publishing and stream management. This is useful when managing large amount of profiles for different brands or you have many team members assigned different groups of profiles. You can create a ......  Continue Reading

Predictive Marketing

Predictive Marketing: A fine line between useless data and patterns that sell.  Predictive marketing has been the buzzword recently. While most companies talk about it, many do not understand the underlying challenges and capabilities. Let's ......  Continue Reading

New VBOUT Release

We are proud and excited to introduce to you the all-new and enhanced platform. Here’s a breakdown of what has been added and changed: NEW AND ENHANCED FEATURES   Custom Dashboard You can now create multiple dashboards for different ......  Continue Reading

Capture Email Marketing Clicks Using Tags

If you are using your own third party Analytics or BI platform, you can communicate details (name and email) about your Vbout contacts using special tags.   There are 4 conditions to be able to complete this action:  1- The contact must ......  Continue Reading


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