Facebook Update! Facebook has added 2 new features in order to target ads to a more specific audience. It is, of course, in Facebook’s best interest to help advertisers reach their audiences more efficiently.

The opposite is true as well, it is in all marketers’ best interest to do some sort of paid advertising and/or sponsored posts on Facebook. So, what are these new features?

Dwell time

Dwell time is the amount of time a user spends viewing your advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. As the name suggests, the longer the user lingers on your content, will contribute to their likelihood of being in your target audience. This is an incredibly powerful tool, as it is a unique way to gauge user’s interests in a subject. This will also be extremely useful for video marketers.

Creating a list of these individuals who have expressed interest in your content will greatly help advertisers market directly to people that are interested in them.

Link sharing

Link sharing refers to–you guessed it!– the links that users share on Facebook. The logic here is that sharing a post is a higher indicator of engagement over liking and commenting a post. Think about how you might use Facebook. You’re only going to share content if it’s something that you consider so relevant and important to you so as to share it with friends, but you may like or comment on a post only to react to a specific person or conversation. Sharing a link is a user outwardly stating their interest in a piece of content to their own friends/audience. Creating audience based on this parameter will be really useful for advertisers.

Facebook is undoubtedly motivated to provide businesses with the most optimal way to reach their audiences. After all, more targeted campaigns means more clicks and more sales for the business– and what’s better than delivering a strong ROI to businesses?

So, are you excited to use these new filtering tools to better find your audience? Have you had an experience using these two new audiences yet? Share your comments with us!