Why You Still Need to Use Emails in Your Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategies are ever-evolving to adapt to consumers’ rapidly advancing tastes and preferences. Email, as a form of communication, has been around since the late 70s! This begs the question, is email marketing still relevant? ......  Continue Reading

How to Nurture Leads and Optimize Your Sales Funnel with Customer Journey Mapping

The Customer Journey have become major buzz words in marketing today. According to a report from Forrester, 63% of marketers currently use some sort of journey mapping, and this trend is expected to continue. Due to growing demand, there are many ......  Continue Reading

Create Content Marketing Emails

Build trust with your newsletter signups by educating them on the subject matter of your industry. Sending a sequence of 5, well written, educational content, followed by a soft-sell email or demo can increase your funnel output. In this video, ......  Continue Reading

Successful Email Automation

Do you know the impact of using automation with your email campaigns? Digital marketers know that email is still one of the best ways to nurture leads and develop relationships with customers. Here are some figures to think about: "85% of marketers ......  Continue Reading

Using Lead Intelligence to Close More Sales

Are you using lead intelligence to close more sales? If not, think about this finding from the Aberdeen Group in their "State of Marketing Automation 2014" report: Best-in-Class companies saw a 36% conversion rate from marketing response (raw lead) ......  Continue Reading


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