Create Free Trial Reminder Emails

Send emails to your new users reminding them of the expiration date for their trial period. You can also follow up with them if they did not upgrade the account to paid. In this video, you will learn how to setup Free Trial Email Reminders for your ......  Continue Reading

Create Product Upsell Emails

Retarget recent customers who made a purchase, with a related product or offer, over 2 sets of emails. Upsell emails are proven to increase sales from existing customers by 14%. In this video, you will learn how to create Product Upsell Emails ......  Continue Reading

Create Cart Abandonment Emails

Target users who do not complete the checkout process on your website with a follow-up email within 1 hour of their drop-off. Following-up with users who abandoned your shopping cart within 2 hours is proven to increase click-backs by 20%. In this ......  Continue Reading

Create User Onboarding Emails

Engaging your users post-signup is proven to enhance retention rates as well as conversion during free trial periods. In this video, you will learn how to create New User Onboarding Emails for your users in minutes using the powerful Vbout marketing ......  Continue Reading

Synchronize User Data Using Automation

Overview This Vbout Automation Action should be used to push Contact Data from Vbout to an API listener page on your server. You can in turn insert this data into your database or to your CRM, given it has its own api. This listener is a web page or ......  Continue Reading


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