SMS is a powerful tool that should be an integral part of any digital marketing strategy, instead of being seen as a separate channel. With SMS marketing, you are assured of engaged customers, high ROI, and high offer and coupon redemption rates. As such, business owners with offers such as £10 no deposit bonus can be confident that their strategies will ultimately pay off. And there are SMS marketing statistics to back the effectiveness of SMS. Consumers redeem coupons that are SMS-related ten times more than other coupons.

In addition, the engagement rate of SMS is 150 times more than email campaigns, with 56 percent of the respondents revealing that offers and deals are the major reasons they prefer SMS messages. Wondering how SMS marketing can help with online sales? In this post, we take a look at how SMS marketing works and how it can drive sales. Keep reading.

These four tips will help you leverage the power of SMS marketing to drive your online sales

  1. Write clear and concise messages

The importance of getting straight to the point cannot be overemphasized. Besides, you only have 160 characters to say what you want. If possible, do it in less. Remember to steer clear from open-ended messages. One example of an open-ended message is inviting customers to a sale but not informing them when your sale begins or ends. It’s best to focus on the details like when a coupon expires. Without being specific, you risk not getting enough or any traction for your campaign. Customers are more likely to take action when you give them an incentive that comes with adequate information.

  1. Offer free giveaways

While free giveaways might be seen as counterproductive, especially since you are trying to boost sales, it is actually an effective way of increasing revenue. To make your giveaway more appealing, you can:

  • Give a free gift. A lot of people love free gifts better than a percentage of their purchase. So, instead of announcing a discounted offer, you can inform your customers of a free giveaway.
  • Announce an exclusive, discounted offer. Letting your clients know the offer is limited creates a sense of urgency. Consumers will be compelled to act fast before the offer ends. For instance, if you own an online gaming website, you can have a limited offer for slots no deposit to spur your clients into action.
  • Set a minimum sale amount for each order. Provide an incentive, whether a free gift or discounted offer, when customers spend a certain amount.

  1. Leverage call-to-action (CTA) buttons

A CTA encourages consumers to take action and makes them more engaged. In your SMS marketing campaigns, you can employ the following CTA strategies:

  • Buy now. If you know, some customers frequently buy certain products, having a ‘buy now’ CTA will make it easier for your targeted clients to make a purchase.
  • Show this text. To engage your customers in your promotion, you can ask them to show the text to get a discount.
  • Click here. This is especially useful when you don’t have space to convey all the details you want. A click here button will give customers the link to access all the necessary information.
  • Text to win. Many consumers are always excited about having a chance at winning a prize and will jump at the opportunity when it’s presented to them. A text to win campaign helps to increase customer engagement, traffic, and ultimately sales.

  1. Take timing into consideration

Immediacy and SMS go hand in hand. On average, 90 percent of people take three minutes to open and read a message. This is one factor that makes mobile SMS marketing so efficient. Consumers’ responses have more impact when they are last-minute impulses. So, if you have a Black Friday sale coming up, don’t send messages on Monday; send them on Thursday.

That said, make sure you send them within acceptable hours, which are ideally between 8 am and 9 pm. You can even take your timing to the next level by individualizing your marketing to optimize results. This means utilizing data from past interactions with clients to know the best time to send a message to specific people.


It’s imperative to constantly pursue new avenues of increasing your online sales if you want to grow your e-commerce business. And one sure-fire way of doing that is by incorporating an SMS marketing software or using SMS marketing services. As shown above, most people prefer SMS messages to flooding their emails with notifications of random promotions and newsletters. Most of the time, such emails go unnoticed or are completely ignored. But with SMS marketing, you’ll be able to tap right into the source of your customers’ lives. Have you leveraged SMS to unlock more e-commerce sales? How has that worked for you? We’d love to hear the results.

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Thomas Glare is a freelance blogger. Through his extensive research, he has written many articles and blog posts about digital marketing and how to yield results in a short period. Thomas spends time interacting with important stakeholders in the marketing sector to get first-hand information.