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  • Lead Management
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Contact Tags ⊕
  • Communication Preferences ⊕
  • Drag & Drop Builder ⊕
  • Multi-Step Forms ⊕
  • Payment Forms ⊕
  • Conditional Fields ⊕
  • Chunk Sending ⊕
  • Predictive Email ⊕
  • A/B Testing ⊕
  • Reports & Analytics ⊕
  • Dynamic Content ⊕
  • Email Validation ⊕
  • SPF/DKIM Verification & Flexible SMTP ⊕
  • Dedicated IPs and Warmup ⊕
  • Inbox Preview ⊕
  • UTM Tracking ⊕
  • Ecommerce Integration ⊕
  • API Library ⊕
  • Connectors and Data Synchronization ⊕


  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Ready-Made Automation Templates ⊕
  • Email Automation ⊕
  • Browser Push Notification ⊕
  • SMS Messaging ⊕
  • AI Content Generation ⊕
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Facebook Custom Audiences Sync ⊕
  • Google Custom Audiences Sync ⊕
  • Real-Time Data ⊕


  • Channels Supported
  • AI Content Generation ⊕
  • Social Calendar ⊕
  • Posts Composing / Scheduling ⊕
  • Custom Posting ⊕
  • Mass Posting ⊕
  • Profile Grouping ⊕
  • Social Stream Management ⊕
  • Social Listening ⊕
  • Social Analytics ⊕
  • Canva Design Editor ⊕
  • Post Moderation ⊕


  • Ready-Made Templates ⊕
  • Responsive Design
  • Drag & Drop Builder ⊕
  • Dynamic Blocks ⊕
  • Custom Domain Name ⊕
  • Analytics ⊕
  • UTM Tracking ⊕
  • Custom Pixel ⊕
  • Merge Tags / Conditional Formatting ⊕


  • Multiple Dashboards ⊕
  • Automated Reports (Sent by email) ⊕
  • Publicly Accessed Reports ⊕
  • Multi-Site Tracking ⊕
  • List Analytics ⊕
  • Email Marketing Analytics ⊕
  • Website Analytics ⊕
  • Conversion Analytics ⊕
  • Automation Analytics ⊕
  • Smart Audiences ⊕
  • Lead Scoring ⊕
  • Landing Page Analytics ⊕
  • Built-in Google Analytics ⊕


  • Centralized Management ⊕
  • Workflow Manager ⊕
  • Access Control ⊕
  • Post Moderation ⊕
  • White Labelling ⊕
  • Custom Plan Builder ⊕
  • Custom Pricing ⊕
  • Campaign Grouping ⊕
  • Competitive Commission ⊕
  • Revenue Tracking ⊕
  • Clients Training and Onboarding ⊕
  • Partner Community⊕
  • Agency Growth Academy⊕



Email Marketing
Social Media
Landing Pages
User Analytics
& Reporting
Agency Features

Starting from $0
Personalized onboarding available

N/A: Information is not disclosed.
CUSTOM PRICING: You will need to contact sales.

The data reflected in this chart is based on information provided by these vendors as of March 2024. We made every effort to provide the most accurate figures, however, we advise verifying details with individual vendors as pricing and packages can change.

For the sake of comparing apples to apples and to give you a fair representation of prices available from all marketing automation providers, the above plans are based on what can be compared with VBOUT features and benefits. Free, smaller and greater plans are also available but their pricing depend on included features and number of contacts.

Don't Take Our Word for it! Our Customers Say it Best

Cameron Murri

Director of Marketing at MDC Vacuum Products, LLC

We’ve streamlined our reporting, created multiple automated campaigns and workflows with a click of a button for any new customers coming to MDC. We’ve improved subscriber list growth by 40% per month, managed all our data in one central location over multiple departments and provided up-sell opportunities from the popups triggered to complement the buyer’s journey from the leads tracked. VBOUT has been a significant contributor to our success moving forward to the future.

Daniel Cross

CO-Founder and CEO at Spiderbox Design

We’ve managed all our data and clients in one platform, automated all our campaigns, allocated more time to higher priority initiatives, and improved customer satisfaction and lead tracking to put us on target for a banner year! VBOUT complemented all our marketing efforts and made this relationship a huge win from day one.

Shayan Goodarzi

Founder and CEO at Shadow Creative Studios

The VBOUT platform has enabled us to do a lot of things that scale very quickly and has allowed us to automate tasks that we used to spend a lot of time on, generate leads, and basically warm the people that are learning about Shadow while we’re not even there!

Steffen Horst

Co-founder and CEO at Symphonic Digital

VBOUT helped us tailor our communication with the clients… We love their responsiveness, we love their platform! We’re also amazed by their support team and onboarding process.

Lezlie Tram

Founder and CEO at LT Commercial

Using VBOUT, we’ve been able to streamline our marketing and focus our business on increased sales. Also ​​our experience with the platform’s onboarding services is awesome!

Richard Earls

CEO at Voyager Social

There’s no doubt that we are impressed with VBOUT! The platform helped our business increase workflow efficiencies. The technology’s good as you would expect but the customer service is equally as important and it has been exemplary!

Doug Dvorak

CEO at The Sales Coaching Institute

Using VBOUT, we managed to consolidate our marketing in one place. It’s just amazing that it’s automated and organized and we don’t have to worry about these disparate different spreadsheets tools. The ROI has been up 10 or 20x!