Frequently Asked Questions


VBOUT is an AI-enabled marketing platform that offers many tools and features to help business owners and marketing professionals centralize and automate their tasks in a simple and smart way.

With VBOUT, you can:

  • Manage all your social media from one place.
  • Engage with your customers by creating and sending winning email campaigns.
  • Design stunning and dynamic landing pages with no coding.
  • Create automations with an intuitive visual builder.
  • Grow and maintain your audience lists seamlessly.
  • Connect with your team and manage your soft CRM using pipeline management.
  • Track and analyze all your marketing activities on a customizable dashboard.  

Marketing automation is the operation of processing marketing actions through an automated system. This will allow the execution of multiple marketing tasks in an easier, faster and organized fashion.

Marketing automation platforms like VBOUT allow businesses to manage their marketing campaigns and activities effectively by:

  1. Saving Time: VBOUT allows you to perform multiple actions in an efficient way by reducing the time usually consumed in manually handling those tasks.      
  2. Optimizing Resources: VBOUT allows you to reduce the cost and efforts you put on human and technology resources.  
  3. Centralization: VBOUT allows you to operate and manage all your digital channels and marketing tasks from one place without the need to handle each individually.
  4. Integration: VBOUT allows you to integrate with other applications and platforms seamlessly without the need for any manual handling.
  5. Lead Profiling: VBOUT allows you to create detailed profiles and scoring for each of your leads based on their behavior such as email engagement, links clicked, goals reached, automation triggered and more.
  6. Personalization: VBOUT allows you to tailor your marketing campaigns and content to individual users’ characteristics, preferences and behavior. Personalization increases engagement, conversion and retention.
  7. Lead Nurturing: VBOUT allows you to manage and nurture your leads as they move through your funnels – from the moment they step-in to the time they convert.
  8. In-depth Analysis: VBOUT allows you to track and measure the performance of all your assets, campaigns and content to the highest level of granularity.

Marketing automation is a great tool for any type or size of business. Be it a large manufacturing corporation or a small local shop, a startup SaaS or a global NGO. Each business can take advantage of the many features available for them on the platform and use them according to their needs. VBOUT was in fact conceived with that flexibility in mind and developed to offer marketing automation with the utmost simplicity to make it easy for anyone to use it.  

Of course.

Franchises and chain businesses use marketing automation to centralize and manage all their marketing initiatives efficiently. On VBOUT, they can also grant branch managers or franchise owners different levels of privileges such as the ability to locally promote their businesses.

Managers can also have the ability to set up additional users for better collaboration.

VBOUT provides chains and franchise businesses the ability to promote their businesses and brands in a consistent yet adaptable way.

VBOUT is a very flexible and scalable marketing automation platform. It can be used to manage as many businesses, channels, profiles and users as you want.  VBOUT has a partner program designed for agencies and marketing experts who manage various clients’ accounts.

Migrating your data from other automation platforms or database sources is seamless with VBOUT. We integrate with thousands of third party apps using native connectors and synchronization tools with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, Pabbly, KonnectzIT, Integrately, SyncSpider, Shopify, Wordpress, Zoho CRM and more. Some companies have very specific data transfer requirements that may need our technical team to develop a customized integration solution at a very reasonable fee.

Some factors to consider when switching platforms include:

Setup and integration
One of the most critical items that is often overlooked by companies is the initial investment for onboarding. Read the fine print carefully. There are many tools that require significant time and/or cost at setup. Reviewing these details manages your expectations about the process, and helps you avoid choosing a tool that requires more technical expertise than you have on your team. If you know you need a simple tool, or one that requires little effort to setup, make sure to take this into consideration. The right tool will be one that strikes a balance between setup costs and time, price, features and service.

Many marketing platforms offer a low-cost, entry level package to win new clients who may not be ready or able to invest much. Even with these low-cost packages, it’s important to consider your current and projected marketing needs when choosing. As your company grows, you could lose time and money switching to a new platform or adding tools because the larger packages are beyond your budget or don’t meet your needs. Some major factors to consider when evaluating the features and volume you may need now, and in the future, include: 1) number of contacts, 2) number of outbound emails, 3) number of users, 4) number of domains and pages you’ll want to track, and 5) marketing per impression (ex: limits on your popups or landing page views to a certain number per month).

It would be hard to argue that anything matters more than support. Having a team readily available to address your needs is critical for any service provider with whom you do business. Every minute you spend waiting on service is a minute taken away from being able to make timely deliveries to your clients. You need a marketing automation service provider that understands this and will respond to your requests as quickly as possible.

You want to provide the best marketing services to your clients. In order to do that, you need the best marketing software. In this competitive environment, you can’t settle for less. Choosing the right software is similar to the process of buying a big ticket item, like a house or car. To get started, make a list of the features you need, the “nice to haves”, and what you may need in the future. Compare different platforms and find the software that meets or exceeds your requirements. You can use sites like g2crowd to read reviews and see side-by-side comparisons of software platforms.

VBOUT is the only adaptive marketing automation platform. We offer you the ability to choose the features that you need and change them as you grow.

Here is a quick summary of how VBOUT is different from any other marketing automation platform:

    • Unlimited contacts: With VBOUT, you can have as many contacts as you want. You only pay for the messages you send to them. While with others, price is based on number of contacts regardless of your engagement with them.
    • Flexible plans: You can build your own plan using only the features you need with VBOUT. However, with others, you are forced to take bundled, more expensive plans including features you might not need.
    • Easy-to-use: VBOUT is an intuitive and easy to learn platform (under 5 hours), while you need a minimum of 20 hours to getting familiar with the other platforms.
    • Unparalleled support: VBOUT takes pride with its 98% customer satisfaction. This is due to a devoted, friendly and personalized support provided to all users regardless of their subscription level. Others offer premium support only to top-tier plans.

To find out more about our plans and pricing, click here.

Definitely YES!

Our top concern is to protect your information and privacy. VBOUT protects all your data and will not share it without your permission.

Our headquarters are based in New York, 1412 Broadway, 21st floor, NYC 10018.

We also have many offices around the world including Montreal, and the MENA region.

VBOUT’s dashboard is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Vietnamese and Arabic. We’ll be adding new languages in the future.

Great support is one of the main pillars of our service offering. Our dedicated support staff are available via chat or email anytime with same day reply GUARANTEED.

VBOUT has predictive models built specifically to work with the VBOUT data set, as well as deep integration with leading AI platforms such as OpenAI, Google Cloud, and Amazon. Our AI-centric features include predictive email sending, subject line analyzer, AI content generation, sentiment analysis, intent detection, AI-Powered chat support and command lines.

With these features, you can benefit from advanced data analysis and automation capabilities that help you create more personalized and effective marketing campaigns. Start your free trial and learn more about how VBOUT’s AI capabilities can help you achieve your marketing goals.


VBOUT is an adaptive AI-enabled marketing platform.

We offer you the ability to choose the features you need and change them as you grow.

With VBOUT, you get:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited automation workflows
  • Unlimited social media profiles
  • Unlimited landing pages 
  • Unlimited dashboards and reports   

This model speaks to companies from their early stage to their growth phase. We plan to give you a platform that adapts to your growth and budget. You can also choose between monthly and yearly billing.

Uncover all details about our plans and pricing.

YES. We provide a freemium plan which allows you to send up to 500 emails per month, coupled with the capability to run intricate workflow automations. For higher plans, we offer a 14-day risk free trial with no contract, no credit card required where you have a full access to the entire functionalities of the platform for a period of two weeks. You can upload or download any information and your data will be handled. If you don’t provide your credit card information at the end of your trial period, your data will be removed after 60 days.

No. We do not require you to sign a contract to use VBOUT for any length of time.

If your company requires a contract, we can provide one, or sign your agreement, but we do not require one.

YES. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Your credit card will not be charged beyond that month. However, if your fee is based on an annual billing subscription, then you need to change your billing settings with one of our success managers.

YES. You can, at any point in time, upgrade or downgrade your features to suit your needs.

YES. Our platform was built from the ground up entirely by our team of marketing-savvy experts and developers. We can customize our platform to integrate and function with any requirement. To better understand your needs and to answer any questions, book a meeting with one of our success managers.

YES. We can definitely accommodate high-volume sending clients. Talk to one of our success managers to learn more about our volume pricing.

YES.  We have a Partners Program that includes special high-volume rates and lucrative commissions as well as training, tools and full support to agencies, consultants, implementation partners and affiliates.

Talk to one of our success managers if you’re interested.

YES. We offer optional personalized onboarding, setup and training on our platform. If you want to get your marketing automation up and running, we’re providing full coaching and training sessions. You can sign up and join us here.

We consider that support is key to your success. That’s why we don’t limit our technical support with a defined number of hours. As long as it’s reasonable and productive, we will keep on extending our technical help until you are fully capable of doing what you intended to do. We also offer training and one-on-one support at a very reasonable cost if you wish to reduce your learning efforts to the minimum.



YES. VBOUT is an adaptive AI-Enabled platform. You can choose one or more modules to customize your subscription to your needs.

Please note that the Lead Management and Email Marketing* modules are preselected and will always be turned on since they are essential and available for free.

* Email marketing is available for free with a limit of 500 emails/month. You can always change this limit to the number of emails you expect to send per month and update your subscription accordingly. Cost will vary depending on the number of emails you choose. 

Yes. VBOUT has plugins that can integrate with other ecommerce websites such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

Yes, VBOUT has a WordPress plugin. You can download it directly from your WordPress admin dashboard or from this page.

YES. We integrate with thousands of third party apps using native connectors and synchronization tools including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, Shopify, Wordpress, Zoho CRM and more.

You need to have a subscription with Twilio, a third party SMS messaging provider, in order to send SMS messages from the VBOUT platform.

The number of SMS messages are based on the plans you subscribe to with Twilio.


An automation works by setting up triggers i.e (signup to list) and the actions to be completed as a result of that trigger being activated (send an email).

VBOUT has the following automation triggers:

  • List joined
  • Goal reached
  • Specific date
  • Replied SMS
  • Contact updated
  • Contact update API
  • Email opened
  • Link clicked
  • Order completed
  • Cart abandoned
  • Custom event (Choose a custom trigger; i.e: when someone’s lead score is > X, -> add him a tag | For ecommerce; i.e: When a last abandoned product is item X -> send him a browse abandonment email or browser push message…) and many other actions that you can do. 
  • RSS changed

And we’re working on adding more…

VBOUT has the following automation actions:

  • Send email
  • Send SMS
  • Send web push notification
  • Add to list 
  • Update contact 
  • Remove from list 
  • Add to automation 
  • Remove from automation 
  • Add tag
  • Remove tag
  • Create new task
  • Add to task
  • Sync to third party
  • Notify team

And we’re working on adding more…

Yes. VBOUT has in-depth insights and metrics to help you monitor and optimize your automations.

Lead management

You can add as many contacts as you need to your database. With VBOUT, contacts are UNLIMITED. 

Yes. When sending email campaigns, VBOUT will send the email once to a contact. When importing a new list, VBOUT will automatically detect duplicate contacts and import the user one time only.

Yes. Gone are the days of “one size fits all”. You can choose to create a custom audience from any list based on any conditions that you specify.

Yes. You can choose to notify yourself or your team to receive email notifications every time a new form has been submitted.

Lead scoring is a process that allows marketers to set up their own parameters and labels to categorize leads based on their progress through the funnel and likelihood to convert.

VBOUT will use your customized grading to automatically score leads for your sales team. Scores can be given for email clicks, social media activity, user metrics, popups triggered and much more.

Email marketing

As many as you need. You can set and change the limit of emails you expect to send.

Check our pricing page for more details.

YES. You can create an email by choosing from our drag-and-drop pre-designed templates, layouts or components.

Yes, you can by uploading your own HTML code.

Yes, you can personalize your emails by adding shortcodes that are available in the email builder editor.

Yes. We always make sure our emails are mobile responsive and look great across all devices and browsers. You can use our inbox testing to preview how it looks.

It depends on whether your business is B2B or B2C and the target audience you would like to reach. You can use predictive sending, which allows you to determine the most appropriate days and times your audience are opening your emails.

You can measure the performance of your campaigns by tracking the open rate, click through rate, conversions based on the goals you set, bounces and spam alerts.

The number of SMS messages are based on the plans available in Twilio. You’ll be able to send Twilio SMS from the VBOUT platform.

A soft bounce indicates a temporary delivery issue of the campaign to an email address. This can be due to the inbox being full, or the recipient mail server  experiencing technical issues and is temporarily offline. This means the current campaign could not be currently delivered, but could be in the future, as this is not a permanent delivery issue.

A hard bounce, however, means that there is a permanent issue with the delivery. This could be because the email address no longer exists for example or the domain name of the recipient has expired.

Landing pages

You can create as many landing pages as you want. With VBOUT, landing pages are UNLIMITED.

You can create a landing page by choosing from our pre-designed templates, layouts or components. Or you can develop a new design from scratch using building blocks.

Yes, you can personalize your landing pages by adding shortcodes that are available in the landing page builder editor.

Yes. You can preview how your landing page looks across browsers and different devices.

Yes. You can insert feeds from ecommerce website as blocks in your landing pages. Users will be able to view your products directly on these pages.

Yes. VBOUT allows you to track the traffic and conversions generated from your landing pages and obtain detailed lead interactions across your various marketing channels.

Yes. You can add third party tracking or retargeting codes such as Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel. Please refer to this guide for clear instructions.

Yes, VBOUT allows you to use your own custom domain with your landing pages. Please refer to this guide for clear instructions.

Social media management

You can connect as many profiles as you want. With VBOUT, social media pages and profiles are UNLIMITED.

You can compose and schedule your posts to your Facebook (Standard posts and Reels), Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram (Standard posts and Reels),YouTube (Standard video posts and Shorts), and TikTok. In addition, you can monitor all your social media pages and engage with your followers across all your profiles from a central feed by interacting with all your likes, comments, direct messages, shares, and mentions across all your social media channels and profiles.

YES.You can visualize all your posts on a single calendar. You can use the drag & drop functionality or display your posts on a weekly, monthly or list view to easily manage your social media content.

Yes. You can schedule your social media posts from the dashboard ahead of time to be published once or on a recurring basis. You can also put all your posts that you want to publish in an excel sheet for mass posting. For more information on how to use the mass posting functionality, visit our help section.

There are several metrics that VBOUT’s social media suite allows you to monitor such as your followers geographic, demographic data and their engagement with your posts by looking at the number of likes, links clicked, visits, mentions, impressions, shares, comments and much more. In addition, you can monitor how your paid ads are performing across channels such as Facebook and Adwords.

Definitely. VBOUT’s social media suite allows you to track hashtags and keywords to monitor your brand mentions on YouTube. Similarly for Instagram, you can search hashtags directly from your VBOUT account to track the mentions of your brand and find posts relevant to your industry.

It depends on your target audience and their preferences. You can look at your posts insights within your analytics section, to track the previously published posts types, their clicks, comments, impressions, likes and shares. Visuals are enticing for social media and you can use Canva editor to design artworks, banners, infographics and more, without the need for editing skills.

Yes. Depending on your preferences, you can download your charts as PDF, PNG, JPG or SVG. You can also export to either excel or PDF, some data like your followers countries, and posts insights for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.


You can generate and share as many reports per month as you need. With VBOUT, reporting is UNLIMITED.

Yes, you can create a different dashboard with a different set of widgets for each user.

Yes. You can create customized reports and have them sent on a recurrent basis to recipients of your choice.

YES. You can share reports with clients or other team members via a public URL link.

Yes, absolutely. Based on the URL click counter, you’ll be able to track the number of clicks for each of your social media posts.

Anything else on your mind?

Talk to one of our success managers and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

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