Online shopping is gradually gaining popularity, and the acceptance rate is very high, mostly among the young generation. Studies indicate that the graph is expected to rise, and by 2040, economists are confident that over 95% of the sales will be completed online.

E-commerce entrepreneurs must strive to improve customer service to ensure the growth of their online shops. With excellent customer service, change is realistic. It would be best if you, therefore, keep learning to improve your e-commerce business. Here are fundamental marketing strategies you should embrace.

1. Use hashtags

Even though hashtags’ use was a norm in most social media platforms, Instagram is where Hashtags has found the most success. There are two primary approaches when using hashtags – use of popular hashtags to increase views and specific hashtags to reach your target audience.

According to the social media experts for best essay writing service, you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags on Instagram, even though it is unlikely for anyone looking to increase traction to use the entire quota. The main reason for using hashtags when putting up your post is to keep them relevant and to help other Instagrammers.

2. Create quality content

A big mistake made by upcoming business owners is putting too much energy on promotion at the expense of content. While extensive advertising is good for social media marketing, excessive advertising takes away your followers’ interest, and you may lose some of your potential customers.

The content writers for say that the sole aim of social media is connecting with people and not promoting products. Therefore, you must provide quality content that will not necessarily portray you as a salesperson. Be as witty as possible, and make attractive and useful posts that will bring more engagement to your post.

3. Create a clear strategy

The main goal of all online stores is to increase sales by growing the customer base. Setting realistic goals and sticking with them is crucial to the growth and success of e-commerce platforms. Goals must revolve around the customers since they are the pillars of the business.

To create a good strategy, you must have a clear picture of where you want the business to e in a given time. Ambitions are not only dreams but a clear indication of our future. An entrepreneur dreams big to achieve big. Create a brand that relates to the target customers to gain customer loyalty.

Payment methods should be simple and easy to use. Simplicity makes it easy for consumers to make payments. Digital payments are better since most consumers find it smooth and efficient.

4. Design the online store brilliantly

The website must be excellent. It is where customers learn about your company and ultimately purchase the goods. With a good website and colorful quality content, attracting a massive crowd is more effortless.

The developers at assignment help UK say that the website should be organized, pleasing to the eye, and easy o use. Product descriptions must also be elaborate. Accompany the product descriptions with quality pictures or videos to give customers a better experience.

Share the links to the website o our social media platforms. Couple the connection with short information that captures the attention of customers. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the finest platforms for sharing links.

5. Analyze your audience

Social media marketing is a highly competitive field that needs much work and strategies to achieve success. What is the age of your target audience? For instance, if the majority of your target audience is aged between 20-35, the use of Instagram and Facebook would certainly make sense. With close to 2.4 billion monthly users on Facebook and over a billion monthly users on Instagram, it is essential to narrow down your target audience.

If you are looking for a platform that provides informative information, LinkedIn and Twitter are good options. Choosing the most suitable social media platform, in this case, would depend majorly on the niche and audience base.

6. Create a Facebook store and an online Instagram shop

Facebook is a profitable platform e-commerce entrepreneurs must use. The “shop now” feature developed by Facebook is a game-changer in the digital market. It redirects users to the website. The new feature is a very efficient tool when promoting your products. Display your best products since such items are more attractive.

Moreover, Instagram has an excellent feature, ‘the shoppable post’ is a magnificent tool that e-commerce entrepreneurs must tap. You can post products by tagging them as images. The beauty in this is that customers can shop directly without getting redirected to the website.

These features are crucial in social media marketing since they increase the visibility of the products hence promoting the business.

7. Go live

Going live on Instagram and Facebook increases exposure to your products. Live videos appear on top of the page, just outside the feeds. It makes them very visible hence reaching a wider audience. Consumers find your products legit when you market them live.

The engaging nature of live videos promotes your products since you get first-hand information on the products’ reception.


Backed by the Covid-19 led factors, e-commerce is witnessing a boom like never before. The sudden growth means both newer challenges and greater opportunities. Social media marketing can prove to be the right strategy if you get the tactics right and stick to your plan. You will realize increased traffic on the website and this will help you be a significant player in the e-commerce market now during and the boom and even later.

About the author

John Peterson is a London-based journalist with 4 years’ experience working in London magazine “Shop&Buy”. He works for and assignment help UK on the side and another best essay writing service as an academic writer. He is a professional mini-tennis player and has written the popular novel “His heart”. You can find him on FB.