It’s true that marketing agencies are the authority on all things to do with branding and advertising. However, a common mistake that professionals in the industry make is getting wrapped up in overly complex or repetitive tasks in their day-to-day work.

Some agency professionals have risen above this by hiring talent to do administrative work or software development. This may get the job done indeed, but it’s likely that both time and money are being squandered with this model.

The relatively simple and affordable answer to this prevalent issue is to work with a marketing automation platform. In the marketing agency business, time and money are everything. Proper and efficient workflow is what will set apart your agency from the rest. (And no doubt, boost profitability!)

You may be thinking that your agency has the skills and expertise to create and manage platforms, and the grit to do droning data entry. But knowing when it’s more profitable and efficient to let go of mundane and complicated tasks will be key to the agency’s success. There is power in selecting and working with a marketing automation tool that suits your workflow best.

We’ve laid out some of the advantages of working with a marketing automation platform that’s right for you.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

This is the most obvious point, but it bears mentioning. When agencies employ a marketing automation software to complete tasks, their time is freed up to deepen their marketing offerings to clients or take on more clients. Working with an automation tool is simply the best way to optimize your team’s workflow overall.

Driving Revenues

There’s no doubt that it’s all about the bottom line in business– and that’s okay! Successful agencies know best when to leave tasks to automation software. Using marketing automation tools allows agencies to boost sales for clients. The more services you can provide as quickly and easily as possible makes you the best choice for the client or prospective client.

Effortless Analytics

Analytics are tricky. It’s not a simple task to extract the information required in order to present a client with a full quantitative perspective of your work. Not to mention that data scientists and mathematics professionals are (while extremely talented!) very expensive to hire on staff. Marketing automation services have analytics built directly into the system, so you can provide reports without the grind.

Customer Retention

In that same vein, your efficiency and quality of service are what will drive clients to work with you for a longer-term. Of course, one of the agencies in the industry’s biggest hurdles is client turnover. Providing services through marketing automation will reduce your churn rate overall.

New Features

Marketing automation companies live and breathe automation. The goal is to provide the most amount of quality services to users as possible. In doing so, it’s likely that when you sign on with a service, they may provide tools that you have never thought to use before within the agency’s work. This will allow you to bring an even fuller stack of offerings to your clients.

More Clients

More clients mean even more clients. It’s no secret that the more time you free up using marketing automation software, the more clients the agency can comfortably take on. Clients that are pleased with the agency’s quality and efficiency will be more likely to refer you to other prospective clients. In addition to this, prospective clients that are looking to work with an agency will look for an agency that works with clients they respect.

Get Your Time Back

It’s a long-standing fact that agency staff are some of the hardest-working people in the industry, with minimal time for their personal life or other pursuits. Marketing automation empowers agency staff with the ability to get some breathing room. And of course, if the agency staff is better rested, they can feel more comfortable taking on new clients.

Whether your goals are simply to serve clients better or grow exponentially, it all starts with employing the marketing automation tool that best suits your needs. The bottom line is that these tools enable you to get the most out of your workday, and save money all the while.