Posted on 06 Mar 2017

Top 10 Considerations for Choosing a Social Media Tool

In order to choose the right social media marketing tools for your business, you should first determine your goals. To help you think about what features or items to evaluate in your decision-making process, we listed out the top 10 considerations for choosing a social media tool.

  1. Comprehensive calendar

    Scheduling posts in advance is one of the main features that marketers search for in order to save time. Make sure your platform comes with an interactive monthly calendar that allows you to schedule, view, edit and publish posts right from one place.

  2. Number of channels

    You need a social media management suite that doesn’t have a limit for social media channels and the plans that you take.

  3. Number of profiles

    There are times when you’ll want to have multiple profiles for your business on the same social media channel. Choose a platform that doesn’t limit the number of profiles you can manage from the system.

  4. Mobile app

    It is essential to look for a tool that allows you to manage your social media profiles from your mobile phone whenever you want.

  5. Link tracking

    Make sure you select a platform that allows you to track clicks generated from social media and see how your posts are driving followers through your sales funnel.

  1. Hashtag tracking

    It is always necessary to use a software that allows you to track hashtags in real time so you no longer have to use external apps and sites to benefit from such feature. This makes it easier for you to monitor brand names and find sales opportunities.

  2. Conversion tracking

    Select a tool that helps you determine which posts are specifically driving conversions. This information will assist you in assessing your campaigns’ performance and in reviewing your tactics and strategies.

  3. Engagement

    Regularly viewing and responding to comments will help you create a strong relationship between your brand and audience. Pick a platform that allows you to do that on all your channels.

  4. Type of media

    You should have a social media tool that allows you to upload different types of media such as videos, animated GIFs and images.

  5. Reports

    Look for a service that allows you to easily create reports and share them with your clients. This will allow you to have a solid support to specific KPIs and metrics you want to discuss with them. 

Social media is becoming more and more important and complex, that’s why you need a platform that saves you time and allows you to manage the different aspects of social media in a very simple way.

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