Having a proper digital marketing agency by your side is important no matter what kind of business you are in. They are responsible for your online presence, which is already a solid sign of how much they can contribute to your company. But, is it time to part ways and start searching for a better partner for your business? If you are thinking about it, maybe you should consider some common issues when switching between digital marketing agencies before you make your final decision.

Everything starts with a contract

If you are no longer satisfied with the marketing agency you are working with, you should do something about it. However, before you give them a call and say what’s bothering you, taking a look at the contract you have mutually signed would be smart.

Hopefully, you have thought about this scenario before even concluding the contract, so now you do not have anything to worry about, knowing that your interests have been protected. But, if you haven’t, you might be in trouble now, since there are many issues you can face when ending the contract early.

You will probably not be able to terminate your cooperation with the marketing agency right away. There is usually a cancelation notice lasting 15-30 days. If this is the case with your contract, make sure that you give your agency a call and start counting down right away. So, the first issue you can come across when switching digital marketing agencies is how you will terminate your contract before it expires.

Being of two minds can also be an issue

When you give your current agency a call and announce that you would like to put an end to your cooperation, they may try to make you reconsider. You might get better terms or more value for your money. That is certainly something that a top-quality digital marketing agency would do. Think about what you are ready to accept even before reaching out to them. Showing indecisiveness is never good for business, but you already know that.

Who owns the account(s)?

This is the most important thing to consider when switching between digital marketing agencies. Some agencies use the fact that they have access to all of the accounts to deter their clients from leaving them. That is why you need to know who owns that right from the start.

Check your contract once again and see whether you assigned the rights to your digital marketing agency. If so, be prepared to buy your accounts from your current agency or to start from scratch with the new one. Learn from this experience and do not let your new relationship be based on blackmail.

Which accounts are important when switching between digital marketing agencies?

Which platform should you be present at? That is something that depends on your business type and your strategy. But, since e-care platforms are the future, you should make sure that you are active on those that are most relevant to your niche. Here are some of the accounts you will probably need access to if you want your company to be successful online.

Your website

Your website is the most important account you need access to. Even if you do have it, you should double check whether you have ownership of it. If your website existed and belonged to you before you signed a contract with your current agency, you probably do not have anything to worry about. On the other hand, if the agency is the one that made it from scratch, they might ask you to buy your website out.

Social media

Nowadays, the importance of social media presence is indisputable. There you can see how people respond to your campaigns in real-time. Also, social networks are great for data collection and some statistics. Your future digital marketing agency would surely benefit from such data.

Here is a practical tip for you: change all of your passwords before switching to a new marketing agency, just in case.


Digital marketing companies use various analytics tools to see how your strategy is doing.  It is only natural that your new partners will need the info when taking over the marketing field and making their own strategy.

Google Analytics is one such platform, very popular due to its simplicity and affordability. Now, the problem appears when an agency uses the same Google Analytics account for more clients. When a client decides to leave, they have no choice but to make a new account and forget about all the data left on the previous one.


Paid advertisements have proven to be a very effective way to attract customers. If your company has any experience in that field, then you probably have an AdWords account. Hopefully, you own it too! Otherwise, getting the login info and the rights from the agency you have just fired might be an issue.

Extra tip: Pause your campaigns during the transition from one agency to the other, so that you can see the real effect of the switch.

Email marketing

Email marketing is still alive and kicking! Sending newsletters and doing automated email campaigns are still very lucrative techniques. That is why it is important that you have access to the platform you use when switching between digital marketing agencies.

As you can see, most of the issues when switching between digital marketing agencies are related to various accesses. Let us know about your experience and share some tips that helped you go through this transition smoothly. 

About the author

Gemma Morris is a graphic designer, currently working as a freelance writer for a number of publications. Her main fields of interest include digital marketing, web design, and SEO. In her spare time, Gemma loves catching up on the latest tech news, as well as reading vintage comics.