9 Tips for Optimizing your Video Marketing Content

Chances are, that if you’ve had an online presence at all in the past year, you’ve come across a great deal of videos from a variety of different brands and individuals alike. This is not by any coincidence. The number of internet users ......  Continue Reading

Facebook Update: 2 New Custom Audiences Added for Better Ad Targeting

Facebook Update! Facebook has added 2 new features in order to target ads to a more specific audience. It is, of course, in Facebook’s best interest to help advertisers reach their audiences more efficiently. The opposite is true as well, ......  Continue Reading

Top 10 Considerations for Choosing a Social Media Tool

In order to choose the right social media marketing tools for your business, you should first determine your goals. To help you think about what features or items to evaluate in your decision-making process, we listed out the top 10 considerations ......  Continue Reading

2016 Digital Marketing Trends

It was a fascinating 2016 in more ways than one! But, we are going to share the changes that shaped the marketing landscape. Vbout has put together an infographic that highlights the biggest trends that shaped marketing in 2016. Take a look and let ......  Continue Reading

Video Marketing to Drive Business Growth

DID YOU KNOW A VIDEO IN AN EMAIL CAN INCREASE CLICK THROUGH RATES BY 200-300%? Most marketers are aware of the importance of video and the intense rate at which it is becoming the most important content. The rise of smartphones and faster data ......  Continue Reading


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