In the advent of Apple dropping the iPhone X, it seems that companies are updating devices, or coming out with new ones at a rate that we have never seen before. Advances in technology have always had a significant impact on marketing practices. In fact, the field of digital marketing is born of the age of the internet.

It is a marketer’s job to identify the most effective medium to reach their audience, and how exactly to use that medium to their advantage.

Mobile responsiveness

We’ve seen this in many instances throughout history. Changing screen sizes have had a huge effect on mobile responsiveness. After all, would you stay on a webpage or read an email that isn’t formatted for your device?

Bluetooth integration

Bluetooth technology was introduced in the late 90s! This was one of the first times marketers could connect with you based on your proximity to a certain location. In fact, there are still many agencies that specialize in bluetooth marketing, also known as proximity marketing.

Operating systems

It doesn’t come as a surprise that, in the wake of a device update, the OS is usually updated as well. We will later touch on the importance of having an active R&D team later on in this post, but it bears mentioning that OS updates have a significant impact on the features and functionality of devices (for example, Apple’s Siri).

Front cameras

In the age of the selfie, the front facing camera is now a fixture within the design of all smartphones. Services like Snapchat & Instagram are well aware of this– and have worked with companies to produce sponsored filters.

Photo quality

Alternatively, it’s important to note that while front facing cameras have had a significant impact on marketing, good quality images will always be a strong pull for audiences. While device manufacturers are working on building front-facing cameras, they’ve also been improving their regular cameras. You can now take amazing quality photos and videos at the click of a button!

Augmented reality

Even beyond this, augmented reality is now at the forefront of digital innovation. For example, the gamification of the phone camera. We see this with immersive games like Pokemon Go went absolutely viral, with approximately 800 million downloads worldwide and billions of dollars in revenue.

The uses of AR doesn’t stop at games. We’ve seen prototypes for programs that simulate surgery, construction, learning to cook, car repair, and many other real world helpful tips.

In order to stay successful and keep your head above water, marketers must stay on top of new releases.

What do marketers need to be aware of?

As previously mentioned, making note of screen size as well as optimal formatting styles will be a crucial factor in ensuring that your webpages, emails, and other content are legible for all viewers, no matter the device they are accessing you from.

If the product you’ve been marketing is based on an app, it should be a main practice to continually program updates, as operating systems are modified and/or updated, and new devices are adding features to the digital marketplace.

This is why hiring a developing team is not just a one-and-done deal. You cannot build an app and then consider it to be finished. You need a R&D team continuously working on the product.

Next, it will be of utmost importance that you are keeping as up-to-date as possible on potential new device releases and the features that these devices may have. Marketers that experiment with new ways of reaching an audience will cut through the clutter and stand out in a sea of advertisements.

In this case, the saying the early bird gets the worm is absolutely true.

For example, we’ve learned that the iPhone X will have things like cutting-edge face recognition technology, an infrared low light camera, interactive emojis, and more! How will you use these features to your advantage?

Since the beginning of time, marketers and business owners have been using media to engage with their audiences. However, marketing is no longer as simple as putting a sign out front or placing an ad in the local newspaper, those who take advantage of advancements in technology will see much more success.