Landing pages have become an indispensable part of marketing. They are a great lead capture and conversion tool. But what are the things you need to consider when choosing a landing page builder? In this video, you will find out the top 10 considerations for choosing a landing page builder.

1. Limits

Landing pages are great for SEO building you need a builder that doesn’t limit you on the number of pages you want to create.

2. Customization

To easily build landing pages, you need the flexibility to choose from ready templates, edit them as you go, design your own with ready made blocks, or even import your own code, all of that, using a responsive design that perfectly works on all devices and browsers.

3. Branding

Your landing pages should be an extension of your brand. They need to have the option of having your domain name, your own favicon and Include Meta Tags to help your SEO.

4. Integration

Make sure to choose a landing page builder that is part of a comprehensive automation platform and that integrates with other apps and tools you need to run your marketing activities with such as CRM, email marketing and your customer journey.

5. A/B Testing

Your landing page builder should have the ability to run A/B tests in order to improve your pages performance.

6. Media Capabilities

You need a tool that allows you to add media to your landing pages such as videos, animated GIFs, live streams, in addition to regular images.

7. Dynamic Content

You also need a tool that allows you to add dynamic content such as merge tags, conditional contents and active contents.

8. Analytics

Google analytics is a great tool to get valuable insights on your pages performance but will it not give you the ability to measure them against all your marketing automation components. Make sure you choose a landing page builder that allows you to generate reports that give you details and insights specific to your marketing automation activities.

9. Tracking Code

Choose a landing page builder that allows you to add tracking pixels for retargeting ads paid ads and google analytics.

10. Ease of Use

Last but not least, you need a simple user-friendly and flexible landing page builder that makes your life easy not the opposite!

Spend a little bit more time in choosing your landing page builder now that you know how much time you will be saving with the right one!