Activate and automate your customer acquisition channels.

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20 Hours

22 modules

16 speakers

Why take the course?

Grow your business

Learn the best practices to generate and nurture leads using a variety of channels.

Advance your career

Keep up with the latest trends in lead generation and nurturing to grow your career opportunity.

Show off your skills

Add a recognized certification to your LinkedIn profile or email signature to boost your credibility.

Who should take the course?


Who want to increase their skills, use technology to improve their work, and advance their careers.


Who want to grow their businesses online, especially with inbound marketing and lead generation.


That want to improve and optimize their lead gen funnels.


Who wants to learn how to generate and nurture leads.

Course content

  • Define your goals for success
  • Understanding your current position
  • Lead gen from sponsored ads
  • Effective ad copy, media, audience targeting
  • Consultative selling and effective sales scripts
  • Partnership marketing
  • Organic Search/Schema
  • Lead gen via LinkedIn
  • Lead gen via Instagram organic
  • Lead gen using video strategies (SPEAKER – 45 mins)
  • Lead gen with influencer marketing
  • Lead gen using paid video ads
  • Creating relevant content that converts
  • Social proof and case study building
  • Introduction to marketing automation
  • Understanding intent triggers
  • Introduction to templated marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • SaaS B2B
  • SaaS B2C
  • Education
  • Brick and mortar


Jimmy Newson

Jimmy Newson is a multi-certified inbound marketing and sales consultant, as well as an author of several ebooks including "The Real Importance of Inbound Marketing" and "Your Customer Buyer's Journey".

Jimmy has worked with local and national brands including NARAS, (Grammys), People Magazine, AT&T, Microsoft, AOL, New York Presbyterian Hospital, St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, Smart Hustle Magazine and the list goes on.

Jenn Herman

World’s forefront blogger on Instagram marketing

Tom Shapiro

CEO of Stratabeat