What is a BIMI record - All you need to know

Why you need to add a #BIMI record in 2021 to your DNS if you are sending out emails (marketing or transactional)?

BIMI is a recent addition to email DNS authentication, to help ESPs (email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc…) authenticate your brand and add your logo beside your subject lines. This video covers everything you need to know about BIMI and how you can set it up on your domain DNS in less then 1 minute.


  • SVG logo (preferably square icon) hosted on a secure repository
  • Access to your DNS configuration (Cloudflare or Godaddy)
  • DMARC Policy setup already with Quarantine or Reject (Learn more about DMARC)
  • The record format: “default_bimi — TXT — v=BIMI1; l=https://PATH_TO_YOUR_SVG_LOGO.com”
  • DNS check from our friends at MXToolbox