Marketing has evolved at a rapid pace over the past 12 months. More attention has been paid to giving customers a great experience across many channels. Meanwhile, we’ve also recently noticed a clear shift toward digitalization and more automated ways for brands and customers to interact.

AI technology is another area experiencing a lot of growth. It has made personalization more advanced and saved marketers time when making email campaigns, articles, ads, and landing pages, while also making them more effective.

In the past year, data privacy concerns have also increased, and this has led companies to change the way that data is gathered and processed. This includes the replacement of third-party cookies with first-party cookies.

Meanwhile, SEO has also undergone a noticeable evolution and machine learning has made the processing of data more and more advanced. For example, Google has begun to show more relevant search queries based on the analysis of historical search results. This change is due to machines used by Google that humans couldn’t process because of the big amount of data analyzed.

There are also a number of recent trends that look set for continued growth in 2023, including minimalist design, UGC, influencer marketing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

There are also a number of additional trends in machine learning, advertising, SEO, social media, and e-commerce that look set for success in the months ahead.

We will cover:

  • 2022 in review
  • The main digital marketing trends for 2023
  • VBOUT’s resources to help you prepare for the upcoming year

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