Powerful Customer Journey Builder

Optimize your customer experience with well-defined customer journeys. Simply drag-and-drop events into a series to visually represent your lead’s journey towards a specific goal from discovery to conversion. You can create journeys for webinar signups, eBook downloads, purchases and more. Unleash the power of multi-channel automation with Vbout’s Journey Builder.


 Customer Journey


Ready Made Guides

Building customer journeys will help you understand all the steps a lead takes to make a value-driven decision to purchase your product or service. Our ready-made guides help you get started by providing insights and examples of how to lead customers down the funnel. The guides will also help you determine which parts of the journey to optimize for higher conversion rates.

Real Time Metrics

Vbout’s journey builder collects metrics in real-time so you can evaluate a user’s progress in your nurture funnels. Real-time metrics help you reach your conversion goals at an accelerated pace by giving you instant insight into your customer’s behavior. Carefully analyzing the data will allow you to continually optimize and enhance your journeys for maximum conversions.


Synchronization with 3rd party apis final

Synchronization with 3rd Party API's

Vbout’s customer journey is compatible with any third party CRM or custom platform. Integrating your journeys into your own system is simple to set-up, due to the journey builder’s open api and plug and play documentation. Our expert support is also always available to assist you or your dev team through the process.

In-Depth User Profiles

Arm your sales team with data on every touch point a prospect has with your company. The more sales knows and understands, the more they can provide personalized consultation to convert leads into customers. Vbout consolidates all your lead metrics into one powerful, centralized profile so you no longer have to spend time connecting metrics from different sources.

Progressive Profiling

Automated Lead Scoring

Automated Lead Scoring

Let your marketing team focus on great campaigns and free up sales to follow up, by automating lead scoring in Vbout. Our detailed tracking will analyze all interactions against values you define. Vbout will use your customized grading to automatically score leads for your sales team. Scores can be given for email clicks, social media activity, user metrics, web hooks triggered and more.

Lead Management

Never miss a follow up, or the optimum time to respond to a lead, by letting Vbout automatically manage your lead lifecycle. Set your own lead status, rules and assignments and let Vbout handle the rest. By automating scoring and personalization with follow up messages, Vbout's lead management tools will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team.

Lead Management

Smart Webhooks

Smart Webhooks

Generate more leads by using smart webhooks that trigger based on how a visitor interacts with your site. Vbout's smart webhooks include exit and entry popups, sticky messages, poll questions and even background activity that are triggered based on conditions you set. Our intuitive interface is designed so that creating the pop-ups takes a few minutes, without touching a line of code.

Actionable Goals and KPI's

At stages in the funnel you have different goals and engagement you are trying to achieve. You can set up conversion goals for each part of your campaign in Vbout to accurately track the effectiveness of each activity. Vbout captures conversion and other goals such as a user reaching a destination url, playing a video, submitting a form or bouncing off a funnel on your website.

Actionable Goals and KPI's

Funnel Visualization

Funnel Visualization

In a world of overwhelming data, it can be a challenge to determine how to use and interpret all the information. Vbout's funnel visualization does some of the work, by collecting data across your activities into a graphic of your sales funnel. The image gives you an overview of your progress, so you can forecast conversions and adjust parts of the funnel to meet your targets.

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