Who the heck are we?

We are #eccentric #workaholic #productgeeks #dedicated and #passionate about what we do. Vbout has been the fruit of that and years of experience in #strategicmarketing #productdevelopment #UXdesign and #fanaticsupport. For all the vacations we did not take, the nights we did not sleep and the holidays we had to skip, we are happy to present one of the best marketing automation solutions on the market today.

Richard Fallah

Founder & CEO

Imad Rajab

Co-founder & CTO

Walid Ajaj

Sr. Dev

Michel Barakat

Sr. Dev

Johnny Moubayed

QA Qing

Milo Ilyan

UX Director

Justine Debs

Creative director

Elisenio Zosa

Motion Graphics

Kelley Vinson

Marketing Coordinator

Mahmoud Rajab

Implementation Guru

Cedric El-Khoury

Implementation Guru

Christina Pelicano

Support and Research

George Fallah

Marketing Strategist

Audrey Dotson

Marketing Director

Khouloud Khoder

Jr. Dev

You can reach us directly:

United States: +1 - 800.824.9619 | 1412 Broadway Suite 21, New York, NY 10018

Middle East: +961.3.734.103

For support questions please email support[@]vbout.com

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