Vbout Product Roadmap

As we grow as a team and a startup we decided to publicly share our product roadmap. Our commitment to building a superior marketing technology platform is stronger than ever and we are excited to share what we are brewing in 2017.  

And let's face it, even Microsoft and Apple face delays getting out new things sometimes this is why we will be as transparent as possible with any delays that might occur.

Q4 2016:

  • Drag and drop Journey builder. - LAUNCHED
  • Pinterest addition to the Vbout social suite. - LAUNCHED
  • Adding automation action: synchronizing user data with third party websites. - LAUNCHED
  • Add versioning to the templating engine. - LAUNCHED

Q1 2017:

  • Add Dynamic blocks to email templates (payment, calendar, counter, video) 
  • Vbout-magento plugin. - LAUNCHED
  • Vbout-Shopify plugin. - PENDING REVIEW
  • Vbout-woocomerce plugin. - LAUNCHED
  • Zappier integration. - LAUNCHED
  • Native SALESFORCE integration - LAUNCHED
  • Personalized landing pages based on visitor. - LAUNCHED
  • Adding automation trigger: third party api triggers. - LAUNCHED
  • Introducing Partnership Portal, client management, and custom plans - LAUNCHED
  • Spam Compliance Chart - LAUNCHED

Q2 2017:


  • MAJOR theme engine updates and enhancements
  • Enhancing the core templating engine for email and landing pages.
  • Adding payment blocks to Vbout landing pages.
  • Youtube video integration to Vbout social suite.
  • Deep linking user social media activity with user profile on Vbout.
  • Add dynamic content blocks to email templates.
  • Vbout mobile app Android.
  • Vbout mobile app IOS.

Q3 2017:

  • Add Google Analytics tracking and tagging to emails and landing pages.
  • Vbout/Segment.io integration. (pending application approval)
  • Enhancing Social analytics.
  • Major webhook enhancements.
  • Introducing live conversations beta. 
  • Split testing landing pages

Q4 2017:

  • Add conversations to the Vbout mobile app.
  • Browser/in-app push notification.
  • RSS to email
  • Predictive leads tracker
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