Vbout offers a comprehensive list of Lead Scoring actions that you can score your leads on. Below is a breakdown of the scores based on engagement:

On-Site Actions:

  • Destination URL: User visits a particular page on your website
  • Duration on Site: User spends a certain amount of time on your website
  • Number of page visited: User visits a certain number of pages on your website
  • Link Clicked: User clicks on a certain link on your website
  • Video Watched: User watches a certain Youtube or Vimeo video on your website
  • Form Submitted: User submits a form on your website – Must obtain the form id
  • Goal Triggered: User reaches a particular Vbout Conversion Goal
  • Webhook Triggered: User triggers a Vbout Webhook

Social Media:

  • Social Link Clicked: User clicks on a link  from a post shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Linkedin through the Vbout Social Publishing and URL tracker tool
  • Fan or Follower Social Engagement (Like, comment, etc…): User engages with your social media channels by leaving a comment, liking a post, retweeting or mentioning you in their posts

Email Marketing:

  • Email Open: User opens any or a particular email marketing campaign sent from Vbout
  • Field Values: The value of a particular field within an email list matches certain criteria
  • Link Clicked: User clicks on any or specific link inside a Vbout email campaign
  • Joined List: User joined a particular contact list
  • Unsubscribed: User unsubscribed from a list – Could be a negative value
  • Hard Bounce: A Hard Bounce registered for a particular user – Ex: Email does not exist – Could be a negative value.
  • Soft Bounce: A Soft Bounce registered for a user – Ex: Email Inbox Temporarily Full – Could be a negative value. Here is a list of email bounce codes.


  • Workflow Triggered: User is at a particular stage of an automation

General Filters:

  • By Device: User’s visited your site on a PC, Mobile or a Tablet
  • By Location: User’s country and state matches your defined criteria