V-cast with Thece.co:Optimizing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Host: Richard Fallah, CEO at VBOUT.

Guest Speaker: Zachary Rozga, founder and CEO at the Thece.co


In this Vcast, we interviewed Zachary Rozga, founder and CEO at the Consumer Engagement Company, whose major function is to guarantee and boost engagement in the marketing and advertising efforts.

The most area they specialize and drive engagement is through tactics that don’t have a built-in ROAI or ROAS (return on ad investment or return on ad spend) such as billboards, event-based marketing (trade shows, sponsored events…), in-retail applications as well as influencer campaigns. The company focuses on converting all of these in real-life marketing opportunities into digital experiences.

When Apple released the ability to trigger a QR code of the device with the camera alone, Thece.co saw a massive explosion and adoption in other parts of the world and they realized that others are not doing it much in the United States. And when people are using it, it was just an immediate “Buy now”, driving straight to a purchase decision or homepage.

As a result, they boiled it down into a completely customizable web app solution (no apps to download) which triggers directly to mobile devices on the browser and used the power of Q&A to allow the customer to self-drive into the purchase decision.

This made it a real-time marketing funnel where they move the leads down the funnel until their email addresses are captured.

Thece.co has teams and agencies that are experts in funnel development to help users build their own funnels.

The company generates leads by working with channel partners. They work with a lot of agencies and companies in their space that bring them a lot of customers. They offer agencies discounts and focus on consumer-product companies, particularly DTC (Direct to Consumer) because they can do direct conversions while getting interesting customer insights.

For vendors doing advertisements or people running events, Zachary recommended to start looking at the ROAI of digital advertising and think about what’s going to happen when the privacy laws come into effect and if there is a plan to address those.

On the event side, he suggested to think about the sponsors as they are the number one source of revenue and if there’s enough value as they want to know that they are getting enough ROI.

Thank you Zachary and Thece.co for the great interview.