V-cast with AB Tasty:How this startup grew to 200+ employees worldwide

Host: Richard Fallah, CEO at VBOUT.

Guest Speaker: Alix de Sagazan, CEO of AB Tasty


In this Vcast, we interviewed Alix de Sagazan, CEO of AB Tasty, a market leader in the customer conversion optimization space that helps companies with experimentation and personalization, drive fast revenue generation and create an outstanding customer experience.

The company is global and has many offices around the world such as Europe, U.S, APEC region and has 800 clients, ranging between luxury, ecommerce, travel, automotive, and media & generation.

AB Tasty allows their customers to segment their clients based on geographic or behavioral criteria (I.e: first time visitors, recurring visitors). Customers can also connect AB Tasty with a CDP (Customer Data Platform) which makes it more powerful by having other data like gender (male or female) and more…

What’s really working for them is SEO, content marketing, channel partners, direct sales, events and online reviews sites like G2 Crowd and Trust Radius.

The company empowers digital teams to have a simple and easy-to-use tool and allow product teams to help them launch and test the feature. For example, they can test 2 variants of the same feature to determine which one is working well.

AB Tasty has a low churn rate because of their team’s ability to work well with clients and help them solve their problems.

All these strategies have led to the growth of the company to 200+ employees and $17M in funding.

Thank you Alix and AB Tasty for the great interview.