V-cast with ReachLocal:The importance of lead gen from paid ads

Host: Richard Fallah, CEO at VBOUT.

Guest Speaker: Steven Dollar, growth manager at reachlocal.com


In this Vcast, we interviewed Steven Dollar, growth manager at ReachLocal, a platform dedicated for SMBs to run Google and Facebook ads.

Steven shares advice for small businesses looking forward to generating leads, which is to start using paid search on Google in order to build their presence.

The company is not only restricted to Google which brings 80 to 90% of traffic. They also promote the ads on Bing and secondary publishers that drive traffic and leads to their audience sites and the platform ultimately optimizes the budget toward the best performing ad.

Steven also advises to use video marketing and paid ads on Facebook.

For YouTube, one of the best ways to drive leads which some agencies are doing it well is using a video sales funnel. For instance, if someone watches 50% of the video, he will be retargeted with another video to move him down the sales funnel.

One of the most powerful things YouTube has is the targeting ability that advertisers can take advantage of.

Thank you Steven and Reach Local for the interview.