Vcast with Online Geniuses:Using communities to grow the business

Host: Richard Fallah, CEO at VBOUT.

Guest Speaker: David Markovish, the founder of Online Geniuses


In this Vcast, we met with David Markovish, the founder of Online Geniuses, a community built for people who would like to communicate online and via digital marketing such as SEO, PPC or in person.

According to David, the real gen process should be done by offering the audience valuable information and connecting with them on a real level.

Their main goal is to grow the community.

Online Geniuses do different ways to humanize the community such as “Ask me Anythings”, which consists of marketers from well known companies, where they are asked for an hour period what they are using. This leads to determine their pain points.

Another channel they do within the community is webinars as well as other different practices such as hiring people and finding cofounders.

David suggests to communicate with other community builders as the number of those operating in this field is few.

Thank you David and Online Geniuses for the great interview: