Vcast with The HOTH:Using conferences as a smart lead gen

Host: Richard Fallah, CEO at VBOUT.

Guest Speaker: Bryan Vasquez, an account manager at The HOTH


In this Vcast, we met with Bryan Vasquez, an account manager at The HOTH, an SEO wholesale solution provider. They do link building, creation, PPC management and have 18 different products. They can help businesses that want an outsource SEO or looking for a solution.

To generate leads, the company gives a 2-dollar bill to the prospects attending the booth.

The HOTH initiate their first in-depth communication with the leads at the booth, and then they decide whether to continue the conversation. They start with that 2-dollar lead gen and afterwards, they send them an email to signup for a free account.

They also allow their clients to get $100 in the company’s credit account for tendy purchases.

In order to determine if their leads are in the interest stage of the process, The HOTH engage with them using followup emails, making sure they used the 2-dollar bill, or scheduled a consultation. If they are responding to their initial requests, the company then entice them to use the $100 credits.

Out of 150 – 200 leads, they estimate to convert about 10% to 20% of them.

As for blogging, Bryan mentioned to start with a blog of 500 words at $40 using their HOTHBlogger product. For more niche specific writing, they can double the word count paying $80 for the blogger pro.

They have a team of over 400 U.S based writers.

Thank you Bryan and The HOTH for the great interview.