V-cast with Dragon Metrics:Generate leads with SEO

Host: Richard Fallah, CEO at VBOUT.

Guest Speaker: Simon Lesser, Cofounder and CEO of Dragon Metrics


In this Vcast, we interviewed Simon Lesser, Cofounder and CEO of Dragon Metrics, an all-in-one SEO software platform. They do rankings, backlinks, site audits, in-depth reports and competitive intelligence. Users can spy on their competitors by uncovering the keywords they are ranking for.

Dragon Metrics generate leads using word of mouth and SEO. A good portion of their website traffic comes from organic search.

Simon says that instead of writing a lot of low quality content or pieces that are written elsewhere, it would be better to spend several months trying to develop in-depth and original content that get you tons of traffic.

Simon advises to always have the best product, write great content and tell people about it.

Thank you Simon and Dragon Metrics for the great interview.