If you are using your own third party Analytics or BI platform, you can communicate details (name and email) about your Vbout contacts using special tags.

There are 4 conditions to be able to complete this action:

  1. The contact must have a name field labeled: Name or First Name, Last Name specifically those who clicked on a link within the email campaign.
  2. The contact must click on a link inside an email campaign sent through Vbout Email Marketing suite.
  3. Must have the Vbout tracking code installed on your website.
  4. The tags should be part of the Vbout tracking code as follows:

    if (typeof vbtpName === ‘undefined’ || typeof vbtpEmail === ‘undefined’) {
    // do nothing
    } else {
    //Insert your code ex: functionname.identify({ name: __vbtpName, email: __vbtpEmail }).push();


    Note the code added to the original Vbout Tracking code is in bold and the 2 main tags captured are below: