Main benefits

VBOUT’s integration with Shopify allows you to boost your traffic, retain your existing customers and increase your revenue. This integration allows you to:

  • Connect your Shopify store to VBOUT.
  • Sync your historical customer data, product feed, abandoned carts as well as completed orders.
  • Track your first-time visitors as well as customers.
  • Take advantage of VBOUT’s powerful segmentation and filters to target buyers based on the depth of collected data.
  • Automate ecommerce campaigns.

How Shopify integrates with VBOUT?

Connect your store

Connect your store with your marketing stack by syncing Shopify products, customers and deals. The sync transforms your store data into marketing data within VBOUT and allows you and your team to take advantage of a holistic view of the customer across different marketing channels.

Automate your communication

Convert your shoppers throughout their journey by creating powerful automation workflows based on their behavior. Trigger automated messages such as emails, SMS and browser push notifications to convert your cart abandoners, upsell and cross-sell your buyers, reward your loyal customers and re-engage your inactive leads. Sync your contacts to Facebook or Google custom audiences to reach them via retargeting ads and push them to convert.

Below are examples of automations you can create in VBOUT using the native connector:

  • Abandoned cart automation
  • Order confirmation
  • Lifetime value
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Loyalty campaigns
  • Cross-sell and upsell campaigns
  • Product recommendations

Track and monitor your performance

Analyze all your store’s data within VBOUT using the main ecommerce reporting widgets such as new orders, store sales, top sales by country and channel, top buyers as well as the number of new and returning customers over a specific period of time.

This allows you to determine the performance of your actions and make data-informed decisions to enhance your marketing strategy.

Shared data

The table below shows how data will flow between Shopify and VBOUT

For more integration related topics or any other information, please visit our help center.