SyncSpider Overview

Using VBOUT – SyncSpider integration, you can connect VBOUT to thousands of 3rd party apps. If you don’t have Shopify or Woocommerce, this integration enables you to sync data to the system such as orders, activities, product search, product view, category view, and more.

VBOUT - SyncSpider integration benefits

This integration is beneficial for you because:

  • It saves you time managing your ecommerce store.
  • It automates your inventory so you never sell any item that might be out of stock.
  • It easily connects your POS, ERP, CRM, stock, orders and shipping without spending hours copying and pasting data.
  • It saves you money required to hire and train new employees in order to manage all these tasks for you.

VBOUT - SyncSpider integration features

Here’s what you can do with VBOUT and SyncSpider:

Below are the types of data that you can export from VBOUT

  • Get Contacts Lists
  • Get Contacts
  • Get Contacts
  • Get all Campaigns
  • Get Coupons
  • Get Coupons for a Campaign

And below are the types of data that you can import to VBOUT

  • Add Contacts to a List
  • Sync Contacts in a List
  • Add Tags
  • Add Carts
  • Add Cart Items
  • Add Orders
  • Add Activities
  • Add Product Search
  • Add Product View
  • Add Category View
  • Add/Update Customers

The following are some popular integrations that you may find useful:

  1. Add Contacts to a list from Pipedrive to VBOUT
  2. Send Get Contacts from VBOUT to Pipedrive
  3. Add Tags from Calendly to VBOUT
  4. Send Contacts by email from VBOUT to Google Sheets
  5. Send Contacts lists from VBOUT to Airtable
  6. Add Contacts to a list from Airtable to VBOUT

To find out how to get started, our help section documentation shows you all the steps you need.