Make overview

Using VBOUT – Make integration, you can connect VBOUT with any of your preferred third-party apps and create your workflow automations without the need for any technical or coding skills.

With the variety of triggers and actions, below are some examples that you can do:

  1. When an email campaign is created and sent via MailChimp -> Create a new social media post on VBOUT
  2. When an email campaign is posted on VBOUT -> Send a new email from Gmail
  3. When a new product is created in WooCommerce -> Update an existing campaign in VBOUT
  4. When a new contact is added to a list in VBOUT -> Create a message in Slack
  5. When a new comment is posted to Facebook group page -> Retrieve an existing social media post in VBOUT

VBOUT - Make integration benefits

This integration is useful because:

  1. It’s a cost-effective alternative to Zapier
  2. It doesn’t require technical skills and coding
  3. It saves you time that you may spend doing on manual and repetitive tasks

Main integration features

Build your own workflows

Customize your VBOUT workflows by choosing your suitable triggers, actions and searches.

Below are all possible triggers, actions and searches.


  1. Watch Contact Created: Triggers each time a contact is added to a particular list
  2. Watch Email Campaign Created: Triggers when an email campaign is published


  1. Create a Campaign: Creates a new email campaign
  2. Create a Contact: Creates a new contact
  3. Create a Custom Event: Creates a new custom event
  4. Create a Social Media Post: Creates a new social media post
  5. Create an Email List: Creates a new email list
  6. Get a Campaign: Retrieves an existing campaign
  7. Get a Contact: Retrieves an existing contact
  8. Get a Social Media Post: Retrieves an existing social media post
  9. Get an Email List: Retrieves an existing email list
  10. Make an API Call: Performs an arbitrary authorized API call
  11. Update a Campaign: Updates an existing campaign
  12. Update a Contact: Updates an existing contact
  13. Update a Social Media Post: Updates an existing social media post
  14. Update an Email List: Updates an existing email list


  1. List Contacts: Searches for contacts or lists them all
  2. List Email Marketing: Searches for email marketing’s lists or lists them all
  3. Search Campaigns: Searches for campaigns or lists them all

Connect VBOUT with thousands of ready-made apps

Choose any of your favorite apps with which you plan to integrate VBOUT. Each chosen app will provide you with numerous options.

Connect Make apps with VBOUT

Easily launch ready-made workflows

In a few clicks, you can simply choose from the ready-to-use templates and launch your integration without any coding required. This helps you save time and resources.

launch ready-made workflows

To find out how to get started, our help section documentation shows you all the steps you need.