With this end of 2016 release, we rock the party with 4 major updates.

Here is a quick rundown of this fiesta:


As we aim to make marketing automation for everyone, we are proud to announce the release of our new drag and drop marketing journey builder. Take advantage of our automation guides, curated by top marketing experts, and ready to be deployed for your in one click. The VBOUT Automation Builder has an intuitive drag and drop interface making marketing automation as easy as a drawing board. To view the detailed video on the new engine, click here.

2. Pinterest integration into the Vbout social media suite

Pinterest is a great place to reach a whole new demographics and trigger high traffic to your website or product. With this VBOUT/PINTEREST release, you can connect multiple Pinterest accounts to your Vbout dashboard and start scheduling pins to your marketing calendar. You can also manage your board from the social inbox and add Pinterest into your reporting from the Vbout report center.

3. Versioning and revisions to landing pages and emails

For those who like to have a backup of their edits, this is a great addition to our email template builder as well as the Vbout landing page engine. We will automatically autosave versions of your work so you can revert back to them easily with one click in cases you accidently lose your edits.

4. Personalizing to landing pages

Because our powerful email marketing tools are deeply embedded into our landing page engine, you are now able to personalize your landing pages using shortcodes. Make your landing pages stand out by including your contacts name or company. This will give you an edge over your competitors and a boost in your conversion rate.

To take advantage of our powerful marketing technology, click here to get started.