How Edifius generates leads with Perla Humphrey

Perla is the Co-founder and CEO of Edifius, an AI software company which has a product called Simba. Simba is a machine learning AI conversational voice spot. The purpose of this machine is to pick up businesses phones and has a human-like conversation with the caller in order to answer leads’ frequently asked questions and schedule appointments.

Edifius is a B2B startup. The most efficient marketing channel that they’ve started to generate leads is expos and conferences; out of 10 leads they talk to, 3 or 4 of them signup to their platform.

How Kudo generates leads with Fardad Zabetian

Fardad is the founder and CEO of Kudo, a language as a service platform for enabling video calls, web conferences and in-person meetings, with live language translation. Businesses can speak with their partners, teams and remote employees in their own language. The purpose is to remove language barriers among businesses, save them time and create opportunities.

Kudo has a magical feature called a language elector inside the platform, which allows them to select the language to join the meeting.

Kudo managed to adopt a winning lead gen strategy as they’ve been in the space of multilingual meetings from in-room solution. They’ve seen a huge demand for decentralized meetings where they need language interpretation. Therefore, most of their leads come from existing relationships with enterprises, NGOs, organizations which have daily needs for language interpretation but lacks the solution for their own languages.

The startup is going to add new strategies for lead generation such as online word of mouth and webinars on educating their target audience about the importance of multilingual meeting and how it’s used to engage their audience and participation.

They also have a comprehensive onboarding process for leads to convert them into long-term clients.

How Conscioux generates leads with Silvia Tower

Silvia is the founder of Conscioux, a software solution that helps companies save their money on health insurance, improve the state of employee’s health, prevent chronic diseases and improve the overall employee’s experience.

Conscioux generate leads in 3 different ways. The first way is through conferences and expos which are helping them collect between 100 and 200 leads and then, they put them all in their CRM using HubSpot and followup with those leads over a course of 6 months to one year. The second way is doing cold calling with prospects who are interested in the business. The other powerful way is referrals through their network.

How Trace generates leads with Joshua Decatur

Joshua is the CEO of Trace, a soil-to-shelf tracking solution for the Hemp & CBD industry. Trace work with regulators, all the way down to distributors in order to make sure that the product is compliant and consumers get what they want.

The startup leverage their own network to get their early adopters. Most of their leads come from personal networks within the industry. The team always focus on having a line of communication with the community, hold events and stay close to them to make sure that the platform is up to their expectations.

How Black Box VR generates leads with Ryan DeLuca

Ryan is the Co-founder and CEO of Black Box VR, the world’s first virtual reality gym. It’s a physical location where people go and play using real resistance training and hiit cardio to get a full work-out in an eSport format.

The company uses localized versions of Facebook, Instagram ads and search engine marketing (SEM) to generate leads. They also allow people to share their content with their friends on Facebook and bring other people.

How Beam City generates leads with Amanda Hunter

Amanda is a business development executive at Beam City, a Mar-Tech platform that uses video and AI to help local retailers reach their ideal customers online, wherever these customers are across thousands of websites and platforms.

The startup owns their proprietary marketing platform that enables them to build a network-marketing effect in order to syndicate offers through and create different sorts of promotions. Word of mouth is the most effective lead generation channel.

How Contento generates leads with Nick Larson

Nick is the VP of sales and Co-founder of Contento, a startup that helps small businesses boost their visibility on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram by getting them the right content to hit the right people at the right time. The purpose is to drive more traffic to their site, convert their leads into paying customers and grow their community for a better social credibility.

Contento use LinkedIn feeds and groups to generate leads. They produce educational content and personalize it in order to better engage with folks.

Contento also work with partners to have complementary offerings.

How Fresh Connect generates leads with Elena Shapkova

Elena is the founder and CEO of Fresh Connect, an IoT solution for smart offices. They work with the biggest corporations, co-working spaces and startups to help them find a workstation, meeting room, boost productivity, find colleagues within the space, increase the collaboration between each other and save up to 30% on the rent cost.

To generate leads, Fresh Connect establish a business in office furniture that brought them 2500 leads. They work with clients who want to recommend their business to other people. They also use paid ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

The number one converting channel is direct email marketing.

How EverWoke generates leads with Cameron Williams

Cameron is the founder and CEO of EverWoke, a logistics automation platform. The startup automates everything in the trucking industry.

EverWoke were able to successfully secure a pipeline of early adoptive, by finding people in the trucking industry who are interested in automation after they had some difficulties getting beta clients and new customers.

How Cancer Insights generates leads with Tarun Kumar

Tarun is the Co-founder and CEO of Cancer Insights, a bi-directional platform for patient-clinician engagement. Their function is to empower patients through curated knowledge of their cancer and provide them a cross EMR view to their medical history.
It also engages them with their clinicians where they can report their side effects and get information about their disease.

Cancer Insights generate leads through word of mouth and are planning to build a marketing team to grow their business.

How Distant Job generates leads with Juan Pablo Pacheco

Distant Job is a remote recruitment agency for companies that are looking to hire full position employees.

The company generates leads using digital marketing as well as traditional marketing like conferences. Out of 10 prospects visiting the event, they close 1 lead.

Distant Job have podcasts on their site to coach the companies on project managers and how to deal with remote teams.

Based on the information collected from these startups, we’ve retrieved major stats in the infographic below: