We’ve put together a brief overview of VBOUT’s feature releases and enhancements that took place in 2022. These do not include bug fixes, minor updates to the UI or general settings optimization. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without your feedback and continuous suggestions for improvement.

If you are not currently using VBOUT but browsing for a marketing automation stack, this article will help you see the evolution of our technology and our commitment to build a superior product over the years.

Let’s take a look back at the top feature releases and updates in 2022:

Machine Learning and AI Enhancements

Subject Line Analyzer: This feature was released in January 2022 and it enables you to create effective subject lines to help you boost your open rates. VBOUT uses proprietary machine learning and analysis of hundreds of thousands of campaigns to identify the elements of a winning subject line.

Predictive Email Sending: This celebrated feature has helped businesses boost their open rates from ~12% to ~25%, doubling their chances for clicks and ultimately conversions. By using predictive sending, our AI determine the best days and times to deliver your email campaigns to your contacts based on their previous engagement.
Predictive sending enhances personalization, boosts your open rate and enhances email deliverability.

AI Content Generation: With this feature, you can choose ready-made content ideas for your email campaigns such as follow-up emails, welcome emails, confirmation emails, cross-sell emails, product review emails, offer emails, and many more… Content is generated using AI content engine and helps inspire the copy of your next campaign.


Make Integration: Using VBOUT<-> Make (previously Integromat) integration, you can connect VBOUT with any of your preferred third-party apps and create your workflow automations without the need for any technical or coding skills. VBOUT also integrated with other apps in 2021 such as Zapier, Salesforce, Pabbly, Integrately and more.

Syncspider Integration: Syncspider <-> VBOUT integration resembles Zapier, Make and Pabbly, except that it includes the VBOUT ecommerce API to help you connect your store to VBOUT and sync products, orders, customers and more.

SendSpark Integration: SendSpark <-> VBOUT integration helps you take your video personalization to a higher level. You can personalize your videos and Gifs at scale with your recipients names and other personal details.
To learn more about this feature, check out our help documentation pages on emails and SMS.

Smart Quiz Builder Integration: VBOUT integrated with Smart Quiz Builder, an easy-to-use and customizable quiz plugin for wordpress. This integration works by adding any lead who completes a quiz to your list created in VBOUT. Find out how to sync Smart Quiz Builder data to VBOUT.

WiserNotify Integration: VBOUT integrated with WiserNotify, a social proof notification and a FOMO widget tool. Here’s how you can connect both tools.

Email Marketing and Automation

New Email Builder: The new email builder was released for both, the email campaign suite and the drag and drop visual automation. This new editor boasts a simple modern UI, better design settings and custom themes.

We’ve also added the legacy widgets, like LIVE RSS feed, which pulls the latest content from your RSS source to the email when it’s scheduled to be sent out as well as our 6 Ecommerce widgets (Recommended Products, Products Retargeting, Categories Retargeting, Last Abandoned Cart, Last Order Details and Product Renewal Reminder).

New Templates: A new collection of 60+ ready-to-use templates across VBOUT’s email builder.

Saved Blocks: This feature is available on the new version of the builder and lets you save your customized blocks and organize them in different categories. These saved blocks will be available to drag and drop into future email templates.

Emojis Uplift and Builder Integration: An expanded emojis library is now available in VBOUT and can be used inside landing pages, subject lines, emails and SMS.

Delay Handling in Automation: This enhancement allows you to avoid actions like emails and SMS from executing if there were any system delays, and messages were held back past the due date of that message.
System delays could happen when the action queues are processing millions of records per minute cycle and all parallel queues are running at full capacity.

Custom Event, Opt-in Confirmation Trigger Update: This enhancement allows you to automate sending an email to your recipients who click on your verification link for double opt-in.

Enhanced Automation Analytics Widget: For a better visualization of each automations step (how many actions executed, pending, opened and clicked). You can also label every action in your workflow to optimize your analytics view.

Shortcode in Email Confirmations: This release enables you to personalize the subject line of your double opt-in email confirmation.

Conditional Blocks in Email: This feature is available inside the legacy email builder –> automation templates, and allows you to show specific elements to specific segments based on their behavior. You can segment your contacts by assigning them different tags and deliver them different content based on these tags.


Custom SMS Media Path and Personalization: With this enhancement, you can personalize attached media, like images or videos, to your SMS/MMS by using custom contact shortcodes. This takes your personalization game to a new level by making media include contact details, like the contact name. To learn more how to personalize your SMS messages, check out this documentation.

Ecommerce Conversions Campaigns Reporting and Widgets: This feature calculates the ROI of each sent campaign and helps you to track the number of ecommerce conversions coming from your VBOUT messages (Emails, SMS and Web Push). Here’s how you can activate your ecommerce conversion tracking.

We also enhanced/added ecommerce specific widgets to be able to measure the sales that came from each of your campaigns – you can find these widgets below:

  • Store Sales Widget: Allows you to view the lifetime sales, new sales and average order value.
  • Revenue by Channel: Another widget that reveals how many sales came from emails and automated messages (Email, SMS and Web Push).
  • Revenue by Campaign: A widget calculates the revenue generated from each campaign.

Social Media

Emojis Library: A full-on emoji library that you can use in VBOUT’s social media posts.

GA4 Update. Our API now supports the new version of Google Analytics. To be able to access GA4, you need first to connect Google Analytics to VBOUT.

Content Bank Categories Assignment: If you’re an agency, you’re now able to create and customize your own social media templates and select the sub-accounts to which you prefer to make these templates available.

Contacts and Forms

Multi-Referral Tracking: This enhancement tracks your contact’s referral sources and groups them as First referral, Last referral and all the referrals in between. This lays the tracks for better attribution and cross-campaign tracking.

Tags in Goal Reporting: Goal reporting is a great way to monitor certain KPIs in VBOUT such as videos watched, pages visited, conversions and many more…You can now register a goal for a contact once a tag has been added to their profile.

Sync Tags from VBOUT to Salesforce, Insightly and Zoho CRM: The purpose of synching tags between VBOUT and third party tools is to maintain data integrity across platforms. This configuration is available on the sync page setting inside each connector.

Import Tags from Excel: To help you better manage your contact tags when importing your data from other platforms. To find out how to properly tag contacts when importing Excel files to VBOUT, check out this documentation page.

Export Contacts with Lead Scoring on Email: This feature enables you to retrieve your leads scores and status in addition to the main contacts’ information.

IP Anonymization: Another layer for anonymity and compliance, which masks all IP addresses of your clients so they are not recognizable to you or your team.

Form Country, State, City Autocomplete: If you are using the default address fields, available under the VBOUT fields/form builder, the system will automatically detect the location of your visitors and prepopulate the address on the forms.

Redirect on Double Optin: This enhancement allows you to redirect the double optin link to your own thank you page.

Landing Pages

New Templates: A new collection of 55+ ready-to-use designs across VBOUT’s landing page builder, giving you more options to choose from when designing your next landing page or funnel.

HTML Input Box for Text Elements: This enhancement helps you control how your copied text will be formatted on your landing page.

Landing Page Cookie Consent: With the growing need for compliance and data privacy concerns, we’ve provided you with the ability to create and customize your own cookie banner to show on your landing pages. To find out how to set it up, view this documentation.

Language Support

VBOUT’s Language Support Update: VBOUT’s dashboard is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Vietnamese and Arabic. We’ll be adding new languages in the future.

In 2023, we will stay committed to innovate and enroll new features that will help your business grow.

If you’re interested in finding out about other features that have been released, placed in development, under consideration, and planned for future release or would like to add any suggestions, check our product roadmap.

If you’re not a customer but looking forward to automating your marketing, sign up for a 14-day trial or book a demo with one of our success managers.

Happy Holidays!