The advantages of email marketing far exceed its challenges. Despite being one of the oldest marketing tactics, email marketing remains one of the most effective ones.

And, given that there are no big costs associated with email marketing, it also delivers good returns on investment. That’s why marketers use email marketing for a variety of purposes and you should too.

Especially, considering the fact that the number of daily email users is expected to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025 from 4 billion in 2020. This is a platform that allows you access to a huge number of prospects for your business.

Moreover, 51% of the customers consider email as the best channel for brands to communicate with them.

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Alright. Email marketing seems very promising for businesses in 2022 and should be an integral part of their digital marketing strategy.

But to ensure a complete buy-in of your seniors and c-level executives, you need to convey the advantages of email marketing to them.

Following are the top 7 advantages of email marketing to help you through the process.

1. Engage Specific Audiences with Personalization

Email personalization is the key to higher email conversion, and with the power of AI and ML, it is possible to personalize automated emails.

Personalized emails stand out from the rest of the emails in the inbox, increasing the chances of being clicked or opened.

There are many great email marketing tools that allow you to send automated, personalized emails for different customer segments.

You can use VBOUT to run different types of automated drip email campaigns including retargeting campaigns. You can even create and send personalized videos, interactive countdown timers, and add-to-calendar event invitations.

2. Nurture Leads

Lead nurturing is one of the crucial advantages of email marketing for sales pipelines.

Email marketing allows your business to build a strong relationship with your leads via effective and streamlined communication.

To realize this advantage of email marketing, integrate your lead generation software with your email marketing automation tool, or use an all-in-one marketing automation tool that allows you to manage all your marketing initiatives in one place. This will help you stay in contact with your customers throughout the sales pipeline.

Additionally, you should leverage various types of CRM software solution that can help you keep track of where your leads are in your funnel. This can help you nurture them better by sending personalized emails to different customers depending on where they are in the funnel.

You can, for example, segment your email list and create a segment for customers who are at a particular stage in the funnel. Then, create targeted emails for each segment and send bulk emails to achieve personalization at scale.

3. Retain Customers

As a brand, you must establish effective communication with your customers to retain them for an extended period. And email is the most valuable and effective communication channel to strengthen these bonds.

Email marketing allows your business to communicate product launches, promotional offers, etc… to customers effectively.

For example, suppose you’re a YouTube video editing software provider and want your free-trial customers to subscribe to your premium service a few days before their trial expires, you can send an email informing them what they will gain if they upgrade their plan.

Check out how VBOUT uses emails to send reminders about upcoming trial expiration and encourages people to upgrade to a paid plan.

You can send emails with special discounts and offers to your free-trial customers to encourage them to buy a subscription plan. A drip email campaign with a few follow-ups would be even more effective in converting trial customers into long-term subscribers.

Look at how Vimeo leverages the advantages of email marketing for its customer retention strategy.

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4. Save Time and Money with Automation

Traditionally, marketing to a mass audience used to be a challenging task.

But as marketing technologies evolved, it’s become easier than ever to facilitate your brand communication to a broader audience.

Modern email marketing tools are loaded with marketing automation features to ease contact importing, email segmenting, and sending.

You can leverage the time-saving advantages of email marketing tools to set up several campaigns for a mass audience and send emails automatically.

For example, automate a welcome email for every customer who signs up to your platform. Or if you’re an e-commerce company, you can automate abandoned cart discount emails to allure the customers.

5. Gather Valuable Insights

You’ve probably received an email requesting you to rate a service right after you use it.

Of course, these emails are automated. But they provide a sweet spot to customers where they can complain about the service, suggest improvements, or pay a compliment.

Gathering feedback via email helps your business improve its products and support services to have more satisfied customers.

Here are some tips for you to create an automated campaign that requests customer insights:

  • Tailor your template and product-led content campaign as per the nature of your product/service.
  • Time the email right. The customer should have had a decent chance to use the product before asking for feedback.
  • Keep the email body short.
  • Explain why you’re requesting feedback.
  • If possible, offer something as a reward.
  • Use an illustration.
  • Write catchy subject lines.

Take a look at how MeUndies uses the advantages of automated emails to gather customer experience data.

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6. Promote New Products

In addition to communicating promotional schemes and discounts; businesses can use email marketing to promote new products. In fact, email is the easiest way to introduce new products to customers who might like them.

Take a look at how MVMT created an email for their collaboration with Party Favor.

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You can use a similar approach to reap the advantages of email marketing for your product launch.

7. Drive Website Traffic

All the advantages of email marketing cumulate to one thing – website traffic.

Whether you’re promoting a new product launch or requesting customers to provide feedback, you’re ultimately funneling them to your website.

Many marketers also use email marketing to distribute the content they produce.

For example, if you’re a SaaS provider, you might want to share useful guides to help your customers get the best out of your software.

The advantage of email marketing is that it can help you solve different purposes. For example you can share your latest content, send invites to webinars, request to book a consultation. etc.

Ready to Incorporate Email Marketing into Your Marketing Strategy?

Do the advantages of email marketing look promising enough to make you incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy?

Looking at all the advantages, it’s clear that email marketing should be an integral part of every brand’s marketing communication. Creating sales funnels and marketing campaigns is challenging without considering email as a communication channel.

So what are you waiting for?

Start leveraging the power of email marketing to grow your business.

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