Capture Email Marketing Clicks Using Tags

If you are using your own third party Analytics or BI platform, you can communicate details (name and email) about your Vbout contacts using special tags.   There are 4 conditions to be able to complete this action:  1- The contact must ......  Continue Reading

Create A Personal Trainer Automation

Stay on top of your resolutions or goals by setting up a simple email reminder that is sent to you daily, checking up on your ongoing progress. If you fail to achieve the goal, one of your friends, family members or colleagues, will get an email so ......  Continue Reading

Create Birthday Reminder Emails

Boost user loyalty by sending them personalized birthday emails with special coupons and offers. Birthday reminders are proven to increase traffic when matched with a coupon offer. You can create redeemable coupon templates with the Vbout coupon ......  Continue Reading

Create Free Trial Reminder Emails

Send emails to your new users reminding them of the expiration date for their trial period. You can also follow up with them if they did not upgrade the account to paid. In this video, you will learn how to setup Free Trial Email Reminders for your ......  Continue Reading

Create Product Upsell Emails

Retarget recent customers who made a purchase, with a related product or offer, over 2 sets of emails. Upsell emails are proven to increase sales from existing customers by 14%. In this video, you will learn how to create Product Upsell Emails ......  Continue Reading


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